Urimat Compactvideo

Like all other eco models the URIMAT compactvideo urinals are made of high quality polycarbonate. The integrated advertising display has a video screen with moving image to enable target group specific advertising. Digital signage is the future of advertising media and can help you to turn your men's toilets into revenue drivers.

The bowl
is manufactured from the most durable high-tech plastic (polycarbonate) available on the market. This sanitary injection moulded plastic is extremely strong and makes the URIMAT bowls break-resistant.

Extreme lightweight
The URIMAT polycarbonate bowl weighs just 4.5 kg and is therefore exceedingly easy to install.

Absolute Hygiene
The complete absence of a flushing rim and sharp edges on the glass-like ceramic URIMAT urinals actively avoid any build-up of grimy deposits and residues.

Moving advertising display (LCD video display)
The compactvideo offers a high resolution LCD-screen with animated messages which hits home within specific target groups.

Earn money
Rent out the display as an advertising surface and generate more revenue. So-called ambient advertising is unique in this format and reaches acceptance levels that other media would find hard to match.

Product Information
Color: sanitary white
Weight: 14 kg

Sales only in:
Canada, Middle East and Switzerland

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