„In a modern passive house building heating is negligible. This does not hold true for the hot water consumption. The spray valves in fixures represent a quantum leap in building techniques. The technology saves 90% of water consumption and 100% of hot water energy – just brilliant.”

„Genial – brilliant idea / genius realization – overall brilliant. We should all be proud that such products have their origin in Switzerland. At a stroke, the water consumption for washing hands is reduced by more than a factor of 10. Hot water is unnecessary – try this faucet, it will convince you.”

„The combination of ecology, technology and design has been implemented perfectly in the new spray tap. Once again it has been proved how highly innovative Swiss SME’s are – congratulations.”

„The spray tap is a sign of understanding – the understanding of a task, the understanding of a need. The faucet is a sign far across the object. The fitting leads to a change in thinking not only in terms of water consumption but also in respect of the building, an essential approach to reduce today’s building installations.”

Sanitary Engineer HF, Engineer NDS FH

Sanitary Planner, Heating Engineer HF

After his study at ETH Zurich, Dietrich Schwarz founded his architect’s office in 1991. He has been awarded four times for the Swiss Solar Prize, 2007 he won the international DETAIL-Prize and in 2009 the Watt d’Or of the Swiss Federal Office of Energy, in 2012 The Prix Lignum, Region East. In 2002 he founded the glass technology company GlassX AG with a department for architectural design at the Technopark area in Zurich.. Since 2012 he continues to run the company as Dietrich Schwarz Architects AG, headquartered in Zurich-Seefeld. Since 2001 he taught at several universities, at the FH-Munich and the Accademia di architettura Mendrisio. 2008 he was appointed as a full professor at the Liechtenstein University, where he leads the master class for “Sustainable Design”.
Since 20 years, the company continues to grow and has now more than 30 employees. They work on challenging buildings in the areas of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration, plumbing, sprinkler and fire protection. The fusion of the individual trades and thus to realize corresponding energy savings is the credo of the engineering company.
Diego Brüesch is federal graduated Sanitary Planner and graduated Heating Engineer HF. He is managing director of the building services company Guyer Wärme und Wasser AG in Zurich. The company which exists since 80 years works among other on challenging projects for hospitals, hotels, villas and residential buildings. Through his professional activity Diego Brüesch constantly is in contact with energy issues in respect to building technology and with the establishment of sanitary areas.
After graduating from the ETH Zurich in 1995, Marc Aurel Wyss founded together with Nathalie Rossetti the office “Rossetti + Wyss architects” in 2000. After having achieved his diploma, he worked as a project manager in the office Bétrix & Consolascio, where he gained valuable experience in relation to the work of an architect. Since the establishment, the office Rossetti + Wyss received numerous awards at home and abroad, which were published around the world. The focus of the work of Rossetti + Wyss is the holistic view of the tasks and the increased involvement of the task in the context. The areas of interest of Rossetti + Wyss extend from furniture to bridge building. They work in the fields: Urbanism - Architecture - Design.