Terms and Conditions


Prices in catalogues and brochures
Prices in catalogues and brochures do not include VAT, transport, duty fees. Prices are subject to change.

Prices in offers
The prices in our offers do not include VAT. VAT is indicated separately. Validity of our offers is two (2) months, however until 31.12. of the actual year at the latest.

Prices in order confirmations
The prices in our order confirmations do not include VAT. VAT is indicated separately. Prices are firm within a period of two (2) months after order confirmation, however at the latest until 31.12. of the actual year. Prices are subject to change without notice due to changes of the world market prices (as well in offers and order confirmations), i.e. raw material.


Packing material will be charged separately.


Delivery of the goods is ex works. Costs for the transport from Switzerland to the destination will be charged to the customer. Swiss Eco Line tries to keep the delivery date. The delivery date, however, is not binding. In any case, however, it cannot give rise to any indemnity or refund on the part of Swiss Eco Line.

Control of the goods

When the goods have arrived, the customer has to inspect them immediately. Transport damages have to be addressed to the carrier and to Swiss Eco Line at the moment of the delivery. Other claims have to be addresses to the suppliers within 10 days by e-mail or fax.

Technical advice Swiss Eco Tap the acqua saver

Important: The Swiss Eco Tap can only be connected to a cold water pipe with max. 25° Celsius. It is not designed for hot water pipe.

Technical modifications

Swiss Eco Line reserves the right to ongoing technical development of their products and changes in their assortments.


Small or technically unavoidable deviations in quality are not subject for claims. This is also meant for little differences in colours. Faults which are not visible immediately as well as manufacturing faults and material faults which are not caused by wrong maintenance, have to be addressed to Swiss Eco Line immediately after having recognised them, at least 24 months after the date of purchase. After this guarantee-period Swiss Eco Line will refuse any liability. Defective material will be substituted by our company or a company determined by us, or we grant a price reduction for the faulty material. However, any claim does not enable the customer to suspend the payment of the goods. However, we refuse any liability for wages for the replacement, shipping/delivery charges, indemnity, profit losses, delay interests, fixed penalty, damage of material and replacement charges. Furthermore, the guarantee excludes every and any responsibility arising from defects resulting from a wrong use of the material, wrong maintenance of the material, improper use during the installation, use of wrong cleansing agent, a misuse of the material or exceptional water quality or environmental influences. We refuse any liability for material that has been properly delivered by us and has been damaged during installation by a third person.

Return of goods

The return of goods has to be accepted by the supplier. Return of material after more than two years since date of delivery cannot be accepted. The same applies for damaged or used products. Return of goods will only be accepted in original packing material. For returned goods 20% of the delivery price will be charged.

Terms of payment

1/3 of the amount of the order when placing the order / 10 days net Further partial invoices depending on delivery of material / 30 days net


Any deduction will be charged. If the payment should not reach Swiss Eco Line within the delay previously agreed, Swiss Eco Line will add to the cost all delay interest beginning from the day after the date of due payment. Any claim does not enable the customer to suspend the payment.

Reservation of ownership

The delivered material is the property of Swiss Eco Line until the invoices are properly paid.

Right of withdrawal

Changes concerning the private circumstances of the customer like delay of payment, insolvency, changes concerning the property, death, collection, legal action etc. entitle the supplier to withdraw from all delivery commitments. Due payments from the customer are payable immediately. Swiss Eco Line has the right to withdraw from the contract if delivery is not possible due to non-delivery of third parties.

Jurisdiction and law

Deliveries are regulated by Swiss law. For any dispute the only recognised place will Chur (Switzerland).

Acceptation of terms of delivery

All deliveries are made on the base of the before mentioned terms and conditions which are accepted when placing the order. Special agreements must be in written form, agreed upon and undersigned by Swiss Eco Line.