• Urimat Ceramic

    Urimat Ceramic

    Pure design meets elegant function. Urinals made of non-porous and polished ceramic characterize the clean lines of their design to…

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  • Urimat Ceramiccompact

    Urimat Ceramiccompact

    Pure design. Elegance meets function. Elegant urinals made of non-porous and polished ceramic. Our ceramic models are characterised by the…

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  • Urimat Compactvideo

    Urimat Compactvideo

    Like all other eco models the URIMAT compactvideo urinals are made of high quality polycarbonate. The integrated advertising display has…

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  • Urimat Hand Dryer Favorit

    Urimat Hand Dryer Favorit

    Quick and efficient High-speed hand drying in 9 - 11 seconds User friendly set-up Adjustable power settings warm and cool…

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