Enormous water savings and pleasant hand washing

with intelligently shaped creative water jets

Contactless hand washing

thanks to the sophisticated technology of the innovative, programmable sensor

Swiss Eco Tap

The revolutionary faucet for water and energy saving

The most sustainable faucet in the world

  • 100% energy savings through pure cold water supply
  • 90% less water consumption with the same cleaning effect thanks to kinetic energy
  • Skin-friendly, pleasant, ecological and hygienic water kinematics and hydraulics
  • No unpleasant feeling of cold on the skin thanks to spray technology
  • Range with a choice of mechanical or touch-free operation for all washbasin models
  • Touch-free faucet with the latest 3D sensor technology
  • Swiss technology


Innovative technology by kinetic energy

The water jet feels pleasantly warm despite the cold water

Inside the Swiss Eco Tap, the usual flow of cold water is first almost completely slowed down. It then passes through an easy-to-clean strainer that retains all coarse particles. Then three turbolators inside accelerate the three-part water jet and supply it with kinetic energy. The water jets then exit through three nozzles that are slightly inclined towards each other, and when they meet, they split into numerous fine jets to wet the skin and create a pleasant sensation on the skin. The kinetic energy contained in the jets immediately rinses away dirt and soap with minimal water use. This makes handwashing with Swiss Eco Tap particularly skin-friendly and pleasant and saves 90% water and 100% energy compared to conventional taps.


The Swiss Eco Tap uses 90% less water than a conventional outlet valve, thus protecting the resources and the environment. Several turbulators in the Swiss Eco Tap increase the internal energy of water flow, which is set free by exiting the nozzle.

With a very little water volume rate a high cleaning effect is achieved. This creates a very pleasant feeling to the skin.


Hotel industry

SUSTAINABILITY – Using a cold water tap can help reduce the hotel’s carbon footprint and promote the use of renewable resources. An environmentally friendly image can also have a positive impact on guest satisfaction and business results.


ENERGY EFFICIENCY – A cold water fitting requires no energy to heat the water. In contrast, a hot water tap requires an energy source to heat the water to the desired temperature. By using a cold water tap, the catering industry can reduce energy costs and be more environmentally friendly at the same time.


MAINTENANCE AND CLEANING EFFORT – Cold water taps usually have a simpler design than hot water taps, which can lead to less susceptibility to malfunctions and easier maintenance. Cleaning the taps can also be made easier by using cold water.

Facility Management

SAVINGS – A cold water tap saves water and thus also costs. Compared to mixer taps that combine hot and cold water, cold water taps only draw the cold water that is actually needed.


ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY – A cold water tap is more environmentally friendly than mixer taps because it reduces water consumption. The use of cold water taps can significantly reduce water consumption.


HYGIENE – Amusement parks often have many people using public washrooms and showers. A cold water fitting can help improve hygiene by minimising the risk of bacterial growth in hot water.



Head of Building Management
Arosa Bergbahnen

“With the Swiss Eco Tap, a cold water tap, its inventor – Swiss Eco Line AG – anticipated today’s spirit of the time years ago. Water consumption is reduced by up to 90% when washing hands, and this with 0% energy consumption. Arosa Bergbahnen systematically uses the Swiss Eco Tap in many new and renovation projects. Based on the positive feedback from guests, we can only recommend this innovative, very contemporary tap. It not only reduces water and electricity consumption, but also the costs and energy for transporting the water to the mountain restaurants and their WC facilities. When washing their hands, our visitors are gently and regularly reminded not to waste electricity or water, thus making a positive contribution to sustainability!”

Dietrich Schwarz

Prof. Dipl. Arch. ETH / SIA

“In modern passive houses, the building heating is negligible, not so the hot water consumption. The spray fittings represent a quantum leap in building technology. 90% of water consumption is saved and 100% of hot water energy – simply ingenious”.

Stefan Balzer

Sanitary Engineer HF, Engineer NDS FH

„Genial – brilliant idea / genius realization – overall brilliant. We should all be proud that such products have their origin in Switzerland. At a stroke, the water consumption for washing hands is reduced by more than a factor of 10. Hot water is unnecessary – try this faucet, it will convince you.”

Diego Brüesch

Sanitary Planner, Heating Engineer HF

„The combination of ecology, technology and design has been implemented perfectly in the new spray tap. Once again it has been proved how highly innovative Swiss SME’s are – congratulations.”

Mark Aurel Wyss

Dipl. Arch. ETH / SIA / BSA

„The spray tap is a sign of understanding – the understanding of a task, the understanding of a need. The faucet is a sign far across the object. The fitting leads to a change in thinking not only in terms of water consumption but also in respect of the building, an essential approach to reduce today’s building installations.”




  • Flow rate 0.65 l/min.
  • Flow pressure 3 bar
  • Water saving 93%
  • Energy saving 100%

The jet water stream reduces the water consumption by more than 90% thanks to a special outlet valve, while at the same time optimally cleansing the skin. The spray technology does not require water preparation, which reduces energy consumption to zero.


  • Flow rate 1.30 l/min.
  • Flow pressure 3 bar
  • Water saving 86%
  • Energy saving 100%

The visual effects of the Twist water stream turn something as simple as washing your hands into a truly enchanting experience. A unique, reticulated spray pattern is created by individual jets of water, the filigree design language becoming beautifully apparent as the water stream leaves the tap.


  • Flow rate 1.80 l/min.
  • Flow pressure 3 bar
  • Water saving 80%
  • Energy saving 100%

Pearl introduce air into the water stream to produce a larger and whiter stream soft to the touch and non-splashing. Aerators are the usual choice for residential faucet applications.


  • Flow rate 4.90 l/min.
  • Flow pressure 3 bar
  • Water saving 60%
  • Energy saving 100%

Despite its high volume flow of 4.90 l/min, the Regular jet still reduces water consumption by 60% compared to a conventional washbasin fitting. Since only cold water is used, there is no need for water treatment and the energy requirement is zero.


Comparison taps

Savings – water and energy

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